Among Us is full of cheaters; system of punishments


InnerSloth is aware that the game servers are beginning to have players using tools to violate the rules. Among Us is not free from cheaters. As in any successful game, the popular InnerSloth title is beginning to have a multitude of users who use external tools to adulterate the operation of the games and profit illegitimately. The North American study is aware of this problem and is already working on a system that allows those who cheat to be punished.

For the moment, the team based in Washington plans that, when they detect players who disconnect from the games if they turn out not to be the Imposter (the role they usually like the most) or other types of practices that negatively affect the rest of the players on the server, penalties based on a temporary ban are applied. At the moment, those bans are only 5 minutes long and will get stiff.

Just a few days ago, one of the Among Us programmers acknowledged to Kotaku that they are working on a dedicated server and account system to prevent hacks. According to Forest Willard, the goal is to bring together users who behave properly in the same games, while those who use cheats or hacks stay out of the way.

Among Us already has more than 60 million players

Forest Willard himself acknowledged then that they do not rule out a version for consoles, although for the moment they have as a priority to continue polishing, improving and expanding the title that we already know. For this same reason, they have canceled Among Us 2, which was in development, but now it is completely frozen due to the overwhelming and unexpected success of what is already one of the viral phenomena of the year 2020 with more than 85 million players; capable of dethroning almost any other video game on portals like Twitch in views.

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