Among Us !: InnerSloth is studying adding Guardian Angels


The hit title, available on both PC and mobile devices, will continue to expand with new content in the future.

Since they decided that there was no space for Among Us 2, InnerSloth has preferred to focus its efforts on improving the first video game. This is achieved not only by improving the current experience, somewhat weighed down by server issues, but also by implementing new mechanics and fresh ideas in your product. On their Twitch show, the developers have talked about the possibility of adding Guardian Angels, that is, ghosts of dead players who return to save them from death. Although they consider that it will be difficult for it to work, they do not rule it out entirely.

“We’ve thought a lot about [turning ghosts] into Guardian Angels, but it’s complicated,” says Forest Willard of InnerSloth. “Still, we are definitely meditating on this kind of thing,” he adds without qualifying anything else about it. Currently, Among Us! They do have the role of ghost, but their work does not have many skills, because all they can do is help complete tasks. Perhaps with an expansion of its functions, players can extract more juice and enjoy the gaming experience more.

New features in the PC beta

Among Us! It is a free-to-play game on mobile devices, while on PC it works under a paid model (3.99 euros on Steam). The compatible version has entered beta, so users can access new features that are already being tested. One of them is the secret vote in the meetings, which prevents the rest from knowing who you have voted as a possible infiltrator. In addition, the option to hide the taskbar also opens.

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As we posted on MeriStation, this small team of just three people is also exploring accessibility. Thus, the task of cables is suitable for color blind people, since it does not depend only on the colors, but also on their shapes.


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