Among Us !: InnerSloth admits the attacks


InnerSloth echoes the problems of its video game, which has suffered from the presence of bots that publish spam messages.

When the impostor is not a person of flesh and blood things get complicated. The bots have appeared in Amongs Us !, the independent title developed by InnerSloth, something that the study has recognized through a statement on social networks. The lobbies are filled with bots that spam your message continuously until leaving the players in a dark room and then disconnecting them completely from the game. Most of the messages try to coerce users to subscribe to a YouTube channel under threat of destroying their device. The links also lead to Discord, Twitter, all signed as Trump 2020.

“We are very aware of the current problem with hacking and are investigating it,” said the developers on Twitter. We are going to emergency update the server, so the players who are in the game will be expelled. Please play private games or with people you trust. ” In a second message of the thread, InnerSloth has remarked these words and has assured that they are doing everything they can to reverse the situation.

Account system in place

The information has not only been published on social networks, but also in the video game itself. Thus, the study will implement a future account system that will include a reporting system, as well as some moderation features that will allow it to deal with toxic behaviors. As previously confirmed, all plans to develop a sequel have been scrapped. Instead, InnerSloth will put all its efforts to improve the current title.

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Among Us! It is available in a free-to-play format for iOS and Android devices, while Steam users can purchase it for 3.99 euros. A few weeks ago, the North American congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez made a streaming that gathered more than 400,000 viewers. The objective? Encourage voting in presidential elections.


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