Among Us: Imposter-Shaped Nugget Retails for $99,000


Among Us: The game Among Us was successful in 2020 and ranked first in the ranking of most downloaded mobile games of the year, with 264 million downloads. But it looks like some people really went beyond the excitement.

On May 28, a user started an auction on his eBay page. The product? A McDonald’s nugget shaped like a game imposter. According to the description of the ad, the piece of chicken was found in the food scraps of the k-pop group BTS, who dined at a fast-food chain unit in Utah, in the United States.

The minimum bid was $0.99 (about $5 in the current conversion). In six days, the auction received 184 bids and the nugget was sold for US$99,000 (approximately R$507,000). The seller has stated that the product will be shipped by express delivery before the expiration date. Until then, according to him, the nugget will be vacuum-packed and stored under refrigeration, to ensure that it doesn’t spoil before delivery.

The unusual announcement even caught the eye of the game’s official Twitter profile. “There’s a chicken nugget from Among Us selling for $34,443.43 and I don’t know how to feel about that,” the post reads.

“For that price it should come with Szechuan sauce,” replied the official Xbox account, referring to the sauce cited in the Rick and Morty series in 2018.


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