Among Us: how to put the invisible name


We tell you how you can put the invisible name in Among Us (iOS and Android), a curiosity that will surprise the rest of the crew.

Among Us! it is quite a success and there is no doubt about it. Thousands of players are enjoying the work of InnerSloth on both iOS and Android mobile devices and PC. For this reason, in this post we tell you a curiosity that perhaps you did not know, based on being able to put your name invisible. Can this serve to surprise the rest of the crew and impostors or simply be something striking that draws attention to our friends? Whatever the answer, we will tell you how you can do it.

How to put the invisible name in Among Us

To begin with, it should be noted that it is a function that is only available in the versions for mobile devices iOs and Android. For this reason, and unless something changes, on PC we will not be able to put our name invisible. As for the method to achieve it, it is very easy:

  • We enter this link
  • We copy the blank space between quotes to our clipboard
  • We access Among Us!
  • We select the option to modify our name and paste what we have just copied there
  • In this simple way we can get our name to appear in white, that is, transparent.

If we can do it successfully, we will achieve that the only way to identify ourselves is through our base crew color or through the skin, mascot or hat that we wear. As you can see, it is a curiosity that will not benefit us too much in the games, but it is good to master each section of Among Us! to know everything we can do in this attractive work.

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