Among Us !: how to get Halloween hats


We tell you how to get Halloween hats in Among Us to dress our crew or impostors with the best themed finery.

Among Us! It remains an undoubted success that has surpassed the incredible barrier of 60 million daily players. By presenting a practically free model, many players around the world have given this curious title a chance by InnerSloth. As there are a great variety of different users, it is natural that each one has their own tastes in dressing their crew member or imposter. Therefore, to complement the article in which we detail all the skins, pets and hats in the game, we will tell you how you can get hold of some Halloween specials in order to welcome this terrifying holiday as it deserves.

How to get Halloween hats in Among Us

  • We access the configuration on our iOS / Android mobile device or on PC.
  • We select the option to modify date and time.
  • We deactivate the automatic clock.
  • We changed the date and time to October 30, 2019 at 23:59
  • We open Among Us! and wait for the time to change to 00:00 on October 31.
  • We create a game and access the PC inside the ship.
  • When selecting the option to customize we should see special Halloween hats to choose from and dress with them.


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