Among Us !: How crossplay works on PC, mobile


We detail how crossplay works on PC, mobile and Nintendo Switch to enjoy Among Us with our friends from different platforms.

The simple but addictive title by Innersloth is not a novelty, but the success it has achieved in recent days is surprising. Among Us! It is one of the most watched games on Twitch and most downloaded both on PC (Steam), (where it can be obtained for a reduced price), as well as on iOS and Android mobile devices (for free) and now also on Nintendo Switch. Below we explain everything you need to know about the crossplay system that is available so that we can play with our friends regardless of the platform from which we access. In addition, we remind you that the study in charge has already confirmed that they are preparing a sequel to improve various sections and offer a new layer of depth to the work.

(Update) How does crossplay of Among Us work on Nintendo Switch?

As confirmed by Nintendo, we can enjoy cross-platform play on Nintendo Switch, but it should be noted that an internet connection is required during online play. For this reason, we need to have an active subscription to Nintendo Switch Online in order to play Among Us in online multiplayer mode and thus have all the options that the Innersloth title offers.

How does the crossplay of Among Us between PC and mobile work?

Crossplay is a system that allows us to play with our friends regardless of the platform on which we have the app or game. In the case of Amoung Us! It is available between PC and iOS and Android mobile devices. In order to enjoy this function, we must not take any additional step beyond creating a private game, access one previously designed by one of our friends (by entering the code they indicate) or a random game via the Internet.

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