Among Us exceeds 85 million downloads


Betrayal game has become a fever in recent months and leads mobile downloads and Twitch views

Among Us surpassed the mark of 85 million downloads worldwide, according to a report released last Tuesday (15) by the website specialized in mobile Sensor Tower. The multiplayer game of betrayal, strategy and survival has been successful in recent months and reached expressive numbers on Twitch, even though it was launched in 2018. The game consists of finding out who the traitor is in a group of crew members of a ship. Among Us is free to download on Android phones and iPhone (iOS), and costs R $ 10.89 for PC (via Steam).

Taking into account only mobile devices (Android and iOS), Among Us reached 86.6 million downloads. A total of 70% of that number was downloaded in the period from August until the middle of September 2020. In the current month alone, there are already more than 40 million downloads. According to the App Annie, Among Us was first in the ranking of the most downloaded games from the App Store and Google Play last Wednesday (16).

The United States leads the ranking of countries that have downloaded the game the most. In total there are 20.5 million in the USA, which corresponds to 23.7% of worldwide downloads to date. In second place is Brazil with 16.6 million (19.2%).

Our country is also in second place when it comes to money used in-game. It was US $ 335 thousand (little more than R $ 1.7 million in the current price) spent by Brazilians – which corresponds to 10.3% of the US $ 3.2 million billing of Among Us.

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One of the factors that helped the viralization of Among Us in Brazil was the popularity among influencers, youtubers and streamers. Names like Felipe Neto, Gaules and Hayashii have produced content about the game in lives and videos.

Among Us has still been at the top of the categories on the Twitch streaming platform. The game repeatedly outperforms the famous Só Na Conversa (Just Chatting, which is the category when the streamer is just chatting with the chat without being in any game). Among Us has also had more viewers than League of Legends (LoL), Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Fortnite.


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