Among Us Downloads Exceed 200 Million on Mobile


For Among Us, one of the most played games recently, the current mobile download numbers have been announced. The game has been downloaded 217 million times so far for Android and iOS.

Among Us, one of the most popular games of recent times, left behind 200 million downloads on Android and iOS. The latest data from Sensor Tower shows that the game was downloaded a total of 217 million times, of which 75 million occurred in October alone. It became the most downloaded game in October and the first week of November, surpassing even games like Among Us, Garena Free and Subways Surfers.

Among Us is a social inference game modeled after the Mafia and the Werewolf. The game revolves around you and a group of friends fighting for survival by completing various mini-game-like missions. The only problem is that there is an imposter among you who is unsuspectingly trying to sabotage your plans and secretly kill crew members. When a body is found, the players choose who to blame and remove them from the group.

Sensor Tower also reported that Among Us earned $ 39 million on mobile devices where it is free, and monetization mainly revolves around buying character cosmetics.

Although Among Us was released in 2018, the huge increase in popularity has mainly come through major Twitch streamers showcasing the game and playing it live. If you want to play Among Us on your mobile phone, you can download it to your Android phone from the Google Play Store or from the App Store for your mobile phone with iOS operating system.

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