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It’s not just killing everyone and getting into ventilation!

Being the impostor is the desire of most of the players in Among Us. It is no mystery, being the imposter is really fun, but it must be admitted that it is not an easy task, especially when your playmates are very attentive.

Ah, but make no mistake! This tip also applies to non-imposters. So don’t be discouraged, the game doesn’t get ‘more boring’ when you’re not the imposter. In fact, quite the opposite: it is even more pleasant when you find clues and discover who is to blame for the deaths on the ship. So enjoy! These tips can be interpreted by both sides.

The purpose of the imposter in Among Us

First of all, let’s go to the basics. The impostor’s goal is to eliminate all crew members from the ship. In most games, two imposters will be assigned, but it can also happen to be just one or more than two – however, the amount of imposters will never be equal to half (or more) of the crew. This will depend on the game settings and the number of players, which is a maximum of ten.

The aim of the innocent is to identify the imposters (s) and eject them from the ship (or melt them in the lava). However, this will only be possible through meetings on the ship, when a body is reported or when the emergency meeting button is pressed. Thus, all crew members must discuss the possibilities, reach consensus and eject someone or skip the vote and wait for more leads. Yes, the impostor must also communicate and ensure that his cover is not broken … we will discuss this later in this text.

How to fall from impostor?

It is not possible to decide when you will be the impostor. The decision is random and, considering that you are in a group of 10 people, there is therefore a 10% chance for each player. Since the choice is based on randomness, there is also a chance that a player will end up being the imposter several times, consecutive or not.

What does the imposter do?

Yes, it is an asymmetric multiplayer, but the imposter has several cards up his sleeve to combat this ‘inequality’ and ensure victory. As the ‘enemy of the ship’, you’ll be able to:

Enter ventilation ducts
Murder other players
Sabotage the ship

Each player has a list of routine tasks to complete on the ship, such as mending wires, destroying asteroids and emptying trash. The impostor cannot do these tasks, but he does have a list of fake tasks that you can use to pretend you are following your work routine.

Lose or win

Being an impostor you are the only one who can kill any innocent. The imposter can lose on two occasions: During the polls, if he is voted for more than half or when innocent crew members complete the taskbar.

The impostor can only win by eliminating all innocents. He can perform the feat manually (killing one by one), waiting for the innocent to turn against each other (wrong ejections) or activating some module, such as the reactor or the O² regulator, which can kill everyone at once if not manage to reverse the situation until the clock reaches zero.

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So, how can I play better as an imposter?

Among Us is a simple game, but every detail is worth it. So, pay attention and calibrate your theatrical skills – chances are you need it a lot. Always walking alone, for example, not doing tasks and talking too much are just some of the points that give your true identity. So stay tuned on these points:

Pretend to perform tasks

Everyone on the crew does tasks, with the exception of the imposter. As an impostor, you will be unable to perform them, but that does not stop you from pretending.

When a crew member is doing a job, his character is standing in front of the module where maintenance was requested. Repeating the action and standing there, as if you were actually doing something, can lessen your suspicions. But be careful! Some of the tasks reveal whether they are being done or not! Destroying asteroids causes the ship to fire from outside; Throwing the garbage opens the door and discards the garbage outside the ship. It is very easy for an attentive player to notice his theater, so be thorough. Oh, and don’t forget, some services also take longer than others.

Lie without lying completely

Being a good liar can be a difficult task, but it is eased when using “half-truths”. I’ll give you an example: I killed the blue in the infirmary and ran directly to the upper engine. There, I find the rose. So I start to accompany you until the body is found. If all goes well, when they question me during the meeting, I can say that I was with the pink all the time.

Yes, it can be extremely difficult, especially when you are playing with your friends on Discord, but just a little practice and cold-bloodedness will be all right.

Defend innocents

It may sound silly, but it is not. Defending innocent crew members can be a card up your sleeve for you to be defended too, and if you eject the innocent, you will be one of the people who did not support the idea. Soon, they will be less suspicious.

An important point worth mentioning: do not overdo it. If you overdo the defense, you may suspect your strategy or worse: they will think you are defending your fellow impostor (if there is more than one in the game).

Only accuse in the last case

Accusing innocents is a good move to secure a step closer to victory without blood being spilled. However, it can be extremely dangerous, especially if ejection confirmation is enabled (option that reveals if an innocent or imposter has been ejected). In some cases, they may put you against the wall for accused of an innocent who ended up being ejected, taking you out of the game right at the next vote.

On the other hand, this option works very well when someone witnessed a murder of his own. If you manage to report first or press the emergency button, the chances of success will be greater. Even bigger when they have the first word and accuse the witness.


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