Among Us! and other featured games with crossplay


We review some of the video games that make use of cross-play between their different versions, titles such as Fortnite, Call of Duty: Warzone, Minecraft …

Implementing the cross-play option was not an easy task. Consoles, which are characterized by being more closed platforms than the PC, eluded this possibility for a time, especially PlayStation 4. Microsoft’s strategy, which was already aimed at opening its business to computers and other devices, facilitated that first opening . However, it took Sony longer to react. The wall was brought down by Fortnite, the success of Epic Games, a video game that was able to break through after winning the tug of war between companies. A few years later, titles like Call of Duty: Warzone, Rocket League, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn or Brawlhalla have cross-play. Also Among Us !, the hit of the moment, which after almost two years without making a sound, has resurfaced with a bang.

Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games, already warned at the beginning of 2018: “Video games have become social experiences like Facebook and Twitter. And these experiences only make sense if the players can communicate and play with all their friends ”. Therefore, he opined, “Sony and Microsoft will have to open up to all their customers’ friends in real life. Otherwise they will be separating groups in real life. Children make friends at school and in the neighborhood, do companies hope to be able to separate them into two different groups and that they cannot play together? No, now is the time to bring them together ”.

The problem at that time was that the players of the different consoles could play together. In some titles there was already crossplay between PlayStation 4 and PC, but not with Xbox One users. Just a year after these statements, this chapter was finally closed. Currently, it is no longer only Fortnite that has enabled cross-play between console players. In addition, Apex Legends is preparing to do so this fall, also with Nintendo Switch. In this article we collect some of the titles that implement this option.

Among Us! (PC, Android, iOS)

Traveling into space is not an easy task under normal circumstances, but it gets even more complicated if evil impostors sneak into the crew. In this multiplayer title developed by Innersloth, there are two different roles, each with a different objective. While the crewmen fine-tune the ship, their duty is to discover who or who the saboteurs are in order to expel them before they commit the mission. The latter, on the other hand, must blend in with the team, go unnoticed for as long as possible and sabotage the systems. Imposters are not foolish, because another option is to take care of the crew in a lethal way.

Among Us! It is free-to-play on mobile devices, while on PC (Steam) it works as a paid game. That hasn’t stopped the title from having the long-awaited crossplay function. All in all, it is not a product prepared for the volume of players it is gathering, with a peak of more than one and a half million concurrent players. Faced with this situation, the developers have reacted with an announcement: the sequel is underway. The goal is to redesign the product to accommodate the current situation. According to the small study, it is easier to start from scratch than to try to adapt the current delivery to new needs. Among Us 2 will also allow the reinforcement of anti-cheat systems, one of the greatest challenges of online multiplayer video games.

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Fortnite (PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android PC, iOS)

It was not the first battle royale, but it was the product that reaped the most overwhelming success, to the point that it has become a virtual space for holding concerts or for the presentation of movie trailers (as was the case with Tenet , the new film directed by Christopher Nolan). Its gameplay has been adapted to all major devices and we will see it soon on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S, also cross-play.

The title that was key to the opening of PlayStation 4 to crossover play experiences complicated moments. Not because of the title itself, which is still in good health, but because of the pulse that Epic Games maintains with Apple. After violating the conditions of use of the App Store, in an attempt to denounce the percentage of money that the apple company takes for ingame purchases, Tim Cook’s team decided to remove Fortnite from iOS and prevent the Unreal Engine from being update on that platform. The fight will continue in the courts, but for now the title has not returned to the Apple store and there are no signs that it will do so soon. It was also removed from Google Play, but it is still available in other stores and on the official Fortnite website.

PUBG (Xbox One, PS4)

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, better known as PUBG, was a pioneer in the battle royale genre. In this case, the crossplay works only between PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The reason that PC players play separately is that it is a product that requires a more technical type of control. Therefore, console users, when using the controller, would find themselves at a disadvantage compared to those who use a keyboard and mouse. Cross-play with PUBG Mobile, the version for iOS and Android, is also not active, since PUBG Corporation transferred it to mobile devices as an adapted and independent version (free-to-play).

It is precisely in the field of mobile phones where Player Unknown’s Battleground performs more brilliantly, at least economically. PUBG Mobile was the first battle royale to surpass $ 1 billion in revenue, largely thanks to its launch in China. In the third quarter of 2019 (from June to September), the game increased its collection by 652%, which resulted in revenues of about 496 million dollars in that same period. Almost nothing!


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