Among Us !: all skins, pets and hats; how to get them


We offer you a list with all the skins, pets and hats of Among Us !, now available on PC, Mac and iOS and Android mobile devices for free.

In the hit Among Us! We can customize our crew member in very different ways to make him unique beyond changing his color and cap. A large part of these cosmetic items such as skins and pets are paid, so below we leave them detailed so that you can consult them at a glance. In addition, we remember that you can get to play the game for free on PC and Mac, in addition to the version that is already free on iOS and Android mobile devices.

How to get all the skins, pets and hats
Buying them through the game’s official Steam page or from the app itself, by selecting the dollar symbol from the start menu. In each content pack, for just over € 2, several costumes, hats or pets are included that we leave you in detail below, divided into differentiated sections. Here, we make clear the prices of all the content packs that we can find on PC (Steam) and, added to get everything, it would be about € 12.74.

  • Hamster Pet Bundle: € 2.39
  • Bedcrab Pet Bundle: € 1.59
  • Polus Skins: € 2.39
  • Brainslug Pet Bundle: € 2.39


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