Among Us Again Crowded, How and the Rules of the Game


Jakarta – Among Us is an online multiplayer game that was launched in June 2018. The Among Us gameplay is unique and different from most other games. The players must be able to work together and be able to convince each other.

Games Among Us was created by game studio Innersloth. In the game there are two different roles, namely Crewmate and Impostor. Crewmate players are in a good position so the impostor will act as a traitor and try to kill all crewmate members.

Reported in Bluestacks, the way to play the game Among Us online is that you are one of 4 to 10 players on a spaceship. One of them is Impostor (Impostor) whose main purpose is to kill other people. The rest of the cast was part of the regular crew trying to escape unscathed.

To do this, they must complete several tasks or better yet find an Impostor and choose the Survivor style. If they are successful, the Crewmate wins. If Impostor kills them all, he wins.

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When the game is in progress, crewmate or impostor players can take advantage of the map which is located on the right side of the screen. The map shows the player’s position and some pointers with yellow exclamation points. This indicates the location where the crewmate must carry out the mission.

One of the missions of this game is to repair broken power cables to open password access using an ID Card. In addition, players can also use the Admin Map and Security Camera which functions to show the location of each player.

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A crewmate killed by an impostor will turn into a ghost and leave behind a corpse. The ghost of this crewmate can watch the game progress but cannot communicate with other players who are still alive.

If a body is found, players can discuss to determine who the suspected impostor is. The system will give players approximately 75 minutes to have a discussion.

The impostor must also be good at acting so that crewmate players do not suspect him. If he is accused of being an impostor, he will be removed from the plane.

How to download the Among Us games on Android:
– Open the Play Store application
– Look for the ‘Among Us’ application
– Install the application
– Players can immediately play the Among Us games for free

Besides being able to download the Among Us games on Android, you can also enjoy this game on iOS and PC. However, specifically on PC, while PC players can get games via Steam for around IDR 40,000.


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