Among Us 2 confirmed for PC and mobile; first details


The sequel to the game of the moment is already on the minds of its developers, who are experiencing a sweet moment.

It was in 2018 that InnerSloth LLC launched Among Us! to the market, but the title has taken its time until it finally hit the pitch. How could it be otherwise, the study is already thinking about its next moves, which go through developing a sequel. In an extensive statement published by its creators, the team has ensured that Among Us 2 will integrate, in some way, the experience of the first installment, available on PC and also Android and iOS mobile devices, under the free-to-play model.

One of the reasons they have decided to create a sequel is because the growth of the project has overwhelmed the servers. The game “was not designed to be that big,” they say. For this reason, “it is extremely difficult to add more elements without breaking what already exists.” According to InnerSloth LLC, they feel terrified every time they have to incorporate something, as the game is very “fragile.” Fixing this requires touching core elements of the project and then checking that no other systems have been damaged. “It’s really more complicated than making a new game.” The first goal with the sequel is to build something that can absorb that growth.

What news are you planning?

The idea is to integrate the original game and keep what works, that is, continue to offer a simple and direct experience. They will continue betting on a crew that has to unmask an imposter; the latter will try to sabotage the set-up of the ship without being discovered. But you can expect new options and some balance changes. For example, we know well that three imposters need more than 10 players to be balanced, so 12-15 users is our goal. They are also aware that hiding is a popular mode, so they will modify the matchmaking to make everything work better; Friend lists will also be added.

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Like any video game with an online focus, cheaters make an appearance. InnerSloth LLC plans to reinforce restraint and add tools to combat these types of harmful behaviors.

They believe that what will make Among Us 2 truly unique is the expansion of roles. “This will encourage replayability,” although they cannot yet share what exactly these classes will consist of. They recognize that they have more surprises and ideas and that they are convinced that it will be a sequel that will be worth it. Their intention is to start with early access that allows them to collect player feedback.


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