Among Us 2 Canceled Due To Among Us’s Popularity


Developing the second game of Among Us, one of the most played games of recent times, Innersloth announced that Among Us 2 was canceled due to the sudden increasing popularity of the first game.

New information came about Among Us, which was developed by Innersloth and published in 2018, but has recently gained great popularity. Normally, the second game is currently in development, but over the past 15-20 days the game has been played so much that Innersloth, the developer of Among Us, decided to stop the game’s development process. The team stated that they will try to improve Among Us, and therefore the development process of Among Us 2 has been halted.

Innersloth wrote in a statement that although the code base of Among Us was outdated, Among Us 2 halted the development process and it made more sense for them to continue working on Among Us further, given the sudden popularity of the game. Of course, after the success of Among Us, there have been many problems with the game’s servers, and this is still a separate issue that needs to be addressed.

Innersloth announced the innovations it will make for the game and certain topics it will work on. The developer, who stated that he will primarily solve the problematic servers, will also bring color blind support to the game, some changes will be made in the friends and account system, and finally, a new stage will be brought to the game. Innersloth wrote that they also had other things planned on their blog, that they should be prioritized and organized according to all their plans.

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While Among Us was launched with little attention in 2018, it gained popularity in 2020 due to many well-known Twitch streamers and YouTubers who played it.


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