Amnesia: Rebirth will draw on SOMA’s narrative style


Frictional Games is finalizing the development of its new horror video game, which will go on sale on October 20.

One of the most recognized contemporary horror sagas is about to return to stores with a completely new installment. Amnesia: Rebirth rises from the dead to present a hair-raising tale within an even scarier world. But beyond the setting, Frictional Games aims to reinforce the narrative of the project, which is why it has focused on SOMA, another of its star video games. In an interview with Eurogamer, Thomas Grip, creative director of the title, has highlighted this point.

“In a way, Amnesia: The Dark Descent [the first installment] was a newer and improved version of Penumbra. And in a way, I even think that SOMA is a better version of Amnesia, ”says the developer. “One of the things that bothered me about Amnesia is that the players weren’t faced with the things we wanted when we initially came up with the designs.” With SOMA, however, they did, but felt that the gameplay was not entirely polished.

More than scares

Therefore, the objective is to extract the best from each of the products. From SOMA they will take the narrative, but they will try to return to the gameplay of Amnesia, that is, to combine both facets to create a more rounded product. “We learned a lot and gained confidence with SOMA, so I think now we can create a purer horror experience as well.” Naturally, there will be scares, but the team wants the player to feel uneasy: “That will be the long-term effects of the journey through the game, the decisions you end up making.”

Amnesia: Rebirth is in development for PlayStation 4 and PC, with a planned release date of October 20. At the moment it has not been announced if the title will have improvements on PlayStation 5, a console that will be backward compatible and that will be released just a month later, on November 19.


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