Amnesia: Rebirth releases new trailer


The horror title from Frictional Games, which will be released in October on PlayStation 4 and PC, is a completely new installment.

Forget about everything, even yourself. Amnesia can transform a person into something they are not, into a series of broken fragments that can only be put back together after they are found. Frictional Games, an expert developer of horror games, has designed several titles in the genre. The creators of SOMA return again with Amnesia: Rebirth, which will be released next October 20 on PlayStation 4 and PC (Steam, Epic Games Store and GOG), as indicated in the trailer that has just debuted and that you can see about these lines.

The video introduces us fully to the history behind the video game. Tasi Trianon, the protagonist, finds herself in a desolate place, in a desert where she will have to fight her fears and pain while searching for answers. Whatever it takes to survive. The developers promise a wide variety of scenarios, ranging from deserts to caves, ruins, and alien locations. Players will have to solve all kinds of puzzles, not forgetting to collect the necessary resources to keep Tali alive.


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