AMLO mockery upsets crime victims


Opposition politicians from the PRI, PAN and PRD considered that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador was insensitive, irresponsible and out of touch with the laugh he released about the number of 45 massacres in Mexico so far in 2020.

“It is a great lack of respect, a show of insensitivity, an enormous irresponsibility of the President of Mexico to burst out laughing at the number of massacres, which all they show is their failure to combat crime rates and the growth of gangs, as well as the breach of its promises of a Mexico in peace, “said the national leader of the Aztec sun, Jesús Zambrano.

“With that laugh, let’s see what the LeBaróns say to her, other victims, such as mothers who are looking for their disappeared daughters, those who have taken over the National Human Rights Commission. This callousness of someone who calls himself a humanist is truly incredible ”.

He pointed out that the president has managed in his speech that the massacres no longer exist, neither the disappeared nor torture.

“It is a false speech, reality is not recognized, but there are the facts,” he said.

The coordinator of the PAN deputies, Juan Carlos Romero Hicks, considered that, with his attitude, the President shows that he is disconnected from reality and that he is not capable of having empathy with the victims.

“The one who has laughed at the number of massacres implies several things, shows denial of reality and delusions of grandeur and persecution, and shows a lack of empathy,” he said.

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“In the normal world, anyone is moved by the victims, it is the first thing one does.”

The legislator considered that López Obrador’s laughter, upon seeing the information published by a Mexican newspaper, was a defense mechanism to deny reality.

“Since he has no elements to answer reality, he denied it through that way of laughing.”

He said that the president is already “lost” from reality and that affects the entire country.

“It is very sad because we all lose: he damages himself, his inauguration, everyone, we all lose,” he added.

The PRI deputy Cinthya López Castro pointed out that the mockery of the federal president in the face of the number of massacres is intolerable.

She also said that she lacks empathy and sensitivity to the tragedy that thousands of people are experiencing.

“The massacres have not disappeared, we are living the most violent years and it is disrespectful for them to mock,” he reproached.

“There is a lack of empathy with the victims, as has been lacking on other occasions with victims of femicides.”


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