AMLO doesn’t want to face drug trafficking USA


The Mexican president reiterated that it is not the time to speak since the US is currently undergoing its electoral process

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador refused to respond emphatically to the statements made by US President Donald Trump, who said he will sanction Mexico if it does not redouble its efforts in the fight against drug trafficking.

When questioned by journalists who attended his typical morning press conference, López Obrador said that he preferred not to comment since the relationship between the two nations is very good and asked for “love and peace.”

The Mexican president reiterated that this is not the time to speak since the US is currently undergoing its electoral process.

On Wednesday of this week, the US government published an annual report on the countries that are dedicated to the production and distribution of drugs, including Mexico.

“Unless the Mexican government demonstrates substantial progress in the coming year, backed by verifiable data, Mexico will run a serious risk of being found to have demonstrably failed to meet its international drug control commitments,” Trump said.

As a result, Trump asked Mexico to have a greater commitment in its task of dismantling cartels, as well as extraditing drug traffickers.

“Mexico must clearly demonstrate its commitment to dismantle the cartels and their criminal enterprises and do more to protect the lives of Mexican and American citizens threatened by these groups,” the US president emphasized.

“It is a report that is presented each year by the United States government and has good things and others that we do not accept,” said AMLO.

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And he added: “It is a point of view that is respected, it is basically an opinion and we are not going to confront each other.”
López Obrador announced that, during the next few hours, the Mexican Foreign Ministry will release a statement on the subject.


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