AML / KYC Preparation from BitMEX!


BitMEX is currently shown as one of the industry’s largest futures platforms. Thousands of futures traders can trade with a leverage of up to 100 times through BitMEX.

These traders do not currently have to complete any KYC protocol to trade on BitMEX. So (except for some countries) BitMEX users can trade without sharing their personal information with the company. However, this situation may change in a short time.

Arms Rolled Up
One of the popular names in the crypto community, I Am Nomad recently shared important information about BitMEX. According to the information shared by Nomad, BitMEX is looking for a new manager who will prepare the company’s KYC plan.

According to the information in the job posting, the main responsibilities of the person who will be appointed to this task will be to develop a “customer tracking system in accordance with AML laws”. This person, who will be the manager of the AML team, is also expected to develop a unique customer recognition system for BitMEX.

Customer Can Lose
Companies that do not request personal information from their customers may face serious legal problems. However, especially crypto investors generally like not to share their personal information, prefer exchanges that do not require KYC.

BitMEX can lose many customers if it implements its own customer recognition system and starts to collect personal information from people. We can see this by looking at the comments from social media.

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