Amira Handwriting Contest Review: Ann Wunsch Defends Herself


Ann Wunsch (31) strikes back! The former Berlin—Day and Night actress raffled off meal vouchers with two other influencers. Amira Pocher (29) suspected an attempt to get followers and sharply shot at the mother of three children — she was playing with human fears and needs out of “greed of followers.” But Ann wouldn’t let it stay, and now she was objecting!

In her Instagram story, Ann commented on the allegations. “Firstly, accepting criticism from the person who has achieved the most coverage thanks to her husband, and pointing the finger at others, looking for mistakes, posting them and stepping on them — I don’t necessarily have to accept it,” she said. the defender made it clear that she could not understand how to look for mistakes in the aid campaign, especially since she was not obliged to keep any reports. “The one who scolds others is not happy in life himself. What can I say. Money alone will not make you happy, Amira,” she shot at the wife of Oliver Pocher (44).

Ann has previously stressed that you don’t need to sign up for anyone to take part in the contest. “There are so many people writing now that they urgently need help and it becomes sad, especially when it comes to children. I really want to help and I will conduct such actions with influencers more often […]. We don’t have this specifically as a condition that you should follow us,” she said.


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