Amidst Controversies, Kanye West will Quickly Pass “30 Day Cleanse”: “But My Twitter is Still Burning”


From White Lives Matter to hate speech, Kanye West continues to cause controversy. The rapper is one of the most famous musicians in the world, but lately he’s been in the news for the wrong reasons. Although he is credited with experimenting with his music and impressive stage performances, his antics cause a lot of criticism.

A few days ago, Kim Kardashian’s ex-husband was blocked on social networks such as Twitter and Instagram because of his anti-Semitic statements. But now that he’s back again, he’s also stated that he’s gone on a 30-day cleaning break.

Kanye West Doesn’t Talk to Anyone during a 30-Day Cleaning Break

Rapper Donda was blocked on a microblogging site when he posted anti-Semitic views on the platform. This happened after he accused the Jewish people of controlling Sean Diddy Combs. For his remarks, he was removed not only from the podium, but also from the Skechers headquarters.

However, everything changed in his favor, at least when it came to freedom of speech on the microblogging site, when Elon Musk became the owner. As soon as the tech mogul acquired Twitter, E’s account was restored. And he became active on the site again.

He informed his fans that he was going on a 30-day cleansing fast. He signed it: “I haven’t spoken to anyone for a month.” In his post, he described in detail a number of things from which he will abstain in the next 30 days — adult films, sex and alcohol. Finally, he added that his Twitter is still glowing.

His tweet cost him millions of dollars. Several brands from Balenciaga, GAP and Adidas refused the deal with him. As a result, his fortune was reduced by several million dollars. Earlier, he mourned his losses, claiming that unknown forces were trying to destroy him. And he raised his eyebrows even more when he compared his situation with the death of George Floyd.

It is unknown whether Kanye West will still stick to this verbal post, but do you follow Ye’s tweets?


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