Amid The Yeezy Fiasco, Runner Kanye West Showed Up at a Charity Shop For More Than $1,000


Kanye West’s Yezzy shoes cost £1,000? He is undoubtedly a genius when it comes to the fashion and music industry, which has helped him build an empire. There was a time when people lined up outside Adidas stores to buy his Yeezy sneakers. But his designs certainly appear in pretty random places at random prices.

Although it is already known that Yeezy are expensive, no one can say how they could be valued in different parts of the world. One random pair even surfaced in the store at a fairly high price. But people were quick to point out the inflated price.

How Kanye West’s Yeezy Shoes Were Found in a £1,000 Store

Kanye may have made millions of dollars selling his Yeezy shoes through Adidas. But are they worth 1,000 pounds? According to the Independent, a pair of Ye’s black running shoes worth 1,020 euros was put up in the store for 1,364. “It’s the season to be Yeezy,” said a message posted along with the shoes at Guttershop in Dublin.

There are also inscriptions #love and #Bargain. Now the fact remains that designer products are not cheap, and the price of luxury or logos is added to this. But this does not mean that buyers do not pay attention to inflated prices.

When the news about these shoes appeared in a store in Dublin, people looked askance at her. One person on social media remarked, “I mean, this is classic Malahide.” At the same time, another wondered how such a price could be set for ugly sneakers. In fact, one user claimed to have seen it in a £10 Penny store. But despite all this, not everyone believes that the products are worth their price.

On the other hand, things are not going so smoothly for Adidas, which already has $500 million worth of Yeezy products. Yeezy received 7% of Adidas’ profit. However, the German company is trying to move on and sell Yeezy without Ye. It will be seen whether they will be able to sell an expensive collection with the face of the collection, the West, which no longer exists.

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