Amid The Build-Up of Snydercon, Zack Snyder Reports Important News About The Sequel to “Army of the Dead” on Netflix


During the lockdown, Netflix released “Army of the Dead,” a zombie thriller that is also a robbery movie, onto the platform. The film was a success with both Netflix and director Zack Snyder. The streaming giant has also released the prequel “Army of Thieves”. But the sequel under the working title “Planet of the Dead” was still far away. Fans of the zombie thriller were waiting for a sequel, and when they thought that their hopes were not fulfilled, Snyder told about the sequel. He has every intention of continuing the story and not giving up on it.

The director of “Man of Steel” was recently a guest at Nerd Queens, where he let slip that there would be a sequel to “Army of the Dead”. But unfortunately he doesn’t have a date for that, as he’s too busy developing Rebel Moon. Snyder has already mapped out in his head where he wants to continue the story. However, the sci-fi series is currently his priority.

“As for the army universe, it is still alive and well in my mind. I know exactly what I would do. This is not a small commitment, Rebel Moon material,” he shared. Interestingly, Snyder is developing both projects for Netflix. Rebel Moon is an ambitious project divided into two parts. The former DC director is developing a project in hopes of launching a franchise.

Creating an interconnected world capable of serving several more sequels from the same universe is not an easy task. However, now that the 57-year-old actor has given us an update on the sequel, we can certainly speculate about the sequel’s narrative.

What to expect from Zack Snyder’s zombie sequel?

The film ended, leaving behind a lot of mysteries that will definitely be revealed in the sequel. For example, a zombie robot was briefly seen. So is the world really crawling with zombies or is it fake? Several fan theories claimed that the film crew was stuck in a time loop. The director himself approved of this fan theory.

In addition, the film did not show how Dieter dies. So there is a chance that he will return in the sequel, given that Snyder himself has plans for this character. Finally, we can also expect the return of Scott’s daughter, Kate.

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