Amid Kanye West’s online controversy, Kim Kardashian’s ex-wife “got tired” of him


Kim Kardashian wants to break off all relations with Kanye West. The past week has been very turbulent, as Ye has given his all on Twitter and Instagram. In a bizarre outburst of tweets and Instagram posts, the Gold Digger singer managed to offend several celebrities and even communities. It probably brought notoriety not only on him, but also on the people around him. Including Kim, with whom he has four children.

The socialite needs to maintain her image, which the West has been dragging through since they separated. Although the businesswoman was quite patient with him, even supporting and promoting his new brand of sunglasses. But, apparently, this time she reached her limit and patience. This was told by a source close to her.

What made Kim distance herself from Kanye West?

Kanye West took too many bullets through his words last week. The musician applauded Vogue editor Gabriella Karefa-Johnson when she condemned his White Lives Matter statement T-shirt. But this was only the beginning of Ye’s anger. His social media profiles began to be checked for offensive content.

This did not please the artist, who even noted the owner of the social network Mark Zuckerberg, reminding him of their friendship through an old video. Most likely, this did not cause him a positive reaction. But his latest post may lead to his permanent ban on the network.

According to the report, his tweet wishing “con death to Jews” was the last straw that forced Kim to completely distance himself from the artist. A close source said: “She was fed up with his conspiracy theories, bullying and hateful rhetoric.” She doesn’t even want to communicate with him directly anymore.

Until now, whenever Ye made any mistakes on social media, the SKIMS owner was the one who was approached to help him or talk to him. But she doesn’t want to be in that position anymore. The former couple is actually in the process of a very difficult divorce, arguing about everything from the child’s studies to Kim’s interest in dating.


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