Amid the covid-19 pandemic, Microsoft raises Office price


This last Thursday (26), the new price of Microsoft Office 365 Home announced in February by the company began to take effect. With an increase of almost 25%, the subscription to the package rose from R $ 299 to R $ 369 annually.

The novelty is that, previously, this adjustment would only apply to new buyers. However, according to the company, subscribers will also have to pay R $ 70 more if they want to continue enjoying the service.

The package in question is the most complete, allowing access to the Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Access programs, in addition to 60 monthly minutes on Skype calls and 6 terabytes of cloud storage on OneDrive. This subscription allows access to up to six devices.

Another package that was also readjusted was Office 365 Personal, which allows only one device to access the same programs mentioned above, with cloud storage reduced to 1 terabyte. Microsoft adjusted the value of this plan by just over 16%, which rose from R $ 239 to R $ 279 annually.

Subscribers were notified of the change in an email sent by the company that justified the increase based on “changing market conditions”.

Microsoft pointed out that customers will have to pay the new amounts on the next invoice, “unless they want to cancel their subscriptions before the next payment scheduled after March 26, 2020”.

Several technology companies have committed themselves to actions to facilitate physical distance, such as making access to remote work tools more flexible. The release of the corporate communications platform, Microsoft Teams, for six free months is an example of this.

However, despite the fact that Gigante de Redmond disclosed the readjustments before the confirmation of the covid-19 cases in Brazil, the fact that the decision was maintained goes against the initiatives of its competitors and Microsoft itself.


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