Americanas Has The Best Price On iPhone 11 And 12


iPhone 11: Changing cell phones and buying a more modern one is the desire of many who use an old smartphone or with average hardware. On many people’s wish lists, the iPhone is one of the models that come up most often, especially because of the unique experience that only Apple can provide.

On June 24 and 25, the two Apple models will have a 7% discount on cash payment + free shipping throughout Brazil, with guaranteed delivery within 24 hours in capital cities. Anyone familiar with the brand’s products knows that it’s rare to find good deals like this and that it really is a must-have condition.

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iPhone 11 or 12: Which one to choose?

If you’ve already decided that you’re going to buy your next iPhone at Americanas, but you’re not sure which model to choose, check out our comparison between the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12.

The two smartphones look very similar, but the iPhone 12 has straight edges (similar to the iPhone 5), which ends up favoring the grip, as well as differentiating it from other models. However, the iPhone 11 has the very distinctive look of an Apple product and should appeal to those looking for an Apple device.

Also, the iPhone 11 is the last smartphone from Apple that comes with the charger and headset in the box – which is very positive. It comes in six color options, white, black, yellow, red, green or purple (while the iPhone 12 comes in just five), and has a dual-camera optics set with two 12MP sensors, with regular and large lenses. angular.

The iPhone 12 has support for MagSafe, a feature that allows the connection of various accessories on the back of the device. Apple’s latest cell phone model is also lighter, supports 5G, and has outstanding cameras and performance.

However, it is important to highlight the price difference between them, which can exceed R$1,000 depending on the model. If we take into account that the iPhone 11 is an extremely competent device in all functions, the difference could be enough to make many choose the device of the last generation.