American Rapper Yung Joc Admitted That He “Prayed and Cried” About The Villain That Kanye West Became


Yung Joc prayed for Kanye West. Singer Donda is undoubtedly one of the most creative minds known in the industry. He is appreciated not only for his meaningful music, but also for his sense of style. From creating rap songs about capitalism to collaborating with brands such as Adidas and Balenciaga, the artist has come a long way.

Although much of that is now lost due to his hurtful comments about both the Jewish community and black history. While many supported his free speech narrative, some of his statements turned him into a villain in the eyes of many. For rapper Yung Joc, this is worrying, and he hopes that he will get better in the end.

How Yung Joc prayed and mourned the “villain” Kanye West

While people have distanced themselves from Kanye West, they still hope for the artist’s improvement. Despite the fact that rapper Yung Joc criticized Kanye West, he also prayed for him. During an interview on VLAD TV’s YouTube channel, Joc told how one of his closest friends named Sola is in the hospital, and while the rapper is praying for his friend, he asks himself who else he could pray for. It was then that he heard Kanye West’s name on the radio and also decided to pray for him.

Explaining further, the Lost singer said: “When someone becomes a villain, no one mourns the villain.” Referring to Ye as a villain, he said that no one hopes for a villain, but Ye is an exception. Rapper It’s Going Down thanked singer Gold Digger for building an empire and proving himself to ruin it all with arguments.

He wants Ye to take a vacation, and people, instead of criticizing the West, tried to understand him. He wants to advise Ye to think for himself, mentioning how the singer Donda lost his billionaire status in a short time due to a break with Adidas. Let’s see if West watched this interview and appreciated it. What do you think about Yung Joc’s views? Comment on your thoughts.


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