American Pickers Star Danielle Colby Started The New Year With a Very Cheeky Post


Seeing that we have reached another new year, it is only natural that some people will find creative ways to celebrate this event. Celebrities are no different as they usually do it using adorable social media posts. With the coming of 2023, Danielle Colby, known as American Pickers, went online to join the celebration. For those watching the popular show, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Colby has found a smart way to celebrate the holiday. Some might even say that her post was more audacious than anything else.

Danielle Colby wasn’t shy about showing off her body at the time she was a public figure. So when she decided to celebrate 2023, she opened the coming year by posting a nude photo of herself lying across the bed. She also added a clever caption that might elicit a laugh or two. Check out the Instagram post below and find out why this post is so “cheeky”:

 Get a joke? I guess you probably know. Kudos to the TV presenter for making one of the best puns of the year. She has also started strongly when it comes to showing off her hot photos. Oddly enough, she is not the only person who marked the transition between 2022 and 2023 with a bright (and even more daring) photo. Kim Kardashian did something similar when she was “looking back at 2022.” Obviously, these famous ladies follow the same pattern, and their social media followers seem to approve of their methods.

Last year was relatively busy for the History Channel veteran, as she continued to appear in the series “American Pickers”, which already has more than 20 seasons. The 47-year-old star has also achieved further success in her burlesque projects. Although in March last year she faced a little difficulty when one of her videos was deleted due to “extortion”. This move prompted her to break out into a stormy tirade in which she complained about how such content is handled on social networks. She instilled her body positive values in her daughter Memphis Colby, who has an OnlyFans account, and last year she found positive ways to use her wealth.

But you’d think American Pickers would remain her biggest professional responsibility in the new year. The long-running antique show is approaching its 24th season, which should be exciting for fans. However, there are probably those who will miss former cast member Frank Fritz, who has been announced to be leaving the show back in 2021. When Danielle Colby broke her silence about this, she noted the personal problems her colleague was facing. years. Fritz is currently in a difficult financial situation due to constant health problems.

We wish him all the best in 2023, as does Daniel Colby. She definitely started the year with a bang and is likely to maintain that momentum in the coming months. With that in mind, I wouldn’t be surprised if she takes one or two more “cheeky” shots over time.

The premiere of the new season of American Pickers will take place on Wednesday, January 4, at 20:00. ET on History as part of the TV program for 2023, and you can broadcast past seasons using a Hulu subscription.


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