American Journalist’s Comparison of Kyiv with Iraq and Afghanistan Reacts: “It’s More Civilized Here”


CBC News reporter Charlie D’Agata became the agenda of social media with his statements during the live broadcast. Comparing Kiev with cities in the Middle East, which has been hosting wars for years, D’Agata’s use of the words “more civilized, more European” for Kyiv drew criticism.
As the war between Russia and Ukraine continues, the world is faced with yet another refugee crisis. Millions of Ukrainians, fleeing the attacks of Russia, began to take refuge in Europe and neighboring countries. According to the data released so far, more than 500 thousand Ukrainian refugees in total have crossed to neighboring countries.

But this crisis has also brought up some debates. Some users on social media began to compare Ukrainian refugees with refugees fleeing the war in Middle Eastern countries, leaving the human factor aside. A similar discussion was recently broadcast live on CBS News by reporter Charlie D’Agata.

CBC News reporter’s reactionary statements:

When Charlie D’Agata told about the people fleeing from the capital Kiev during the live broadcast, “Forgive me, this is not a place where there has been conflict for decades like Iraq or Afghanistan. This is a more civilized, more European city where you don’t expect this to happen, I have to choose those words carefully.” used the phrases.

These words of D’Agata garnered a great reaction on social media:
“Iraq, pre-invasion was more civilized than this sick mind knew. 93-95% literacy rate, more than 90% free healthcare and clean drinking water, zero suicide bombs… Then Iraq was invaded and innocents were massacred. Ironically, Ukraine Soldiers also helped.”