American internet celebrity who lost $ 25,000, exit Bitcoin


Dave Portnoy, an American internet celebrity, who has been on the agenda with crypto money investments for a while, said that he lost 25 thousand dollars and announced that he left the crypto money markets. “I currently have zero Bitcoin. I’ll wait and watch.” said.

American internet celebrity Dave Portnoy announced that he is disposing of cryptocurrency investments, including Bitcoin.

Dave Portnoy, the American internet celebrity followed by millions of people and the founder of Barstool Sports, recently became interested in daily trading in stocks and entered the cryptocurrency markets.

After losing a significant amount, Portnoy decided to watch the crypto coins from outside for a while. Portnoy recently had $ 1 million worth of Bitcoin and invested in cryptocurrencies such as Chainlink and Orchid.

Portnoy said in a statement today, “I currently have zero Bitcoin. I will wait and watch. I lost 25 thousand dollars. ” said.

In addition, Portnoy, in another tweet, said, “I am making 6-digit profits a day on the real stock market. There is no need to waste money waiting for Elon to mine gold from space. Before that day comes, I’ll build my own house on the moon. ” used the expressions.

“Shares are always rising”

Later, he explained why he left the crypto money markets as follows:

“I left the cryptocurrency markets because coins don’t always rise. Stocks continue to rise all the time. ”

Portnoy met with Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, one of the early Bitcoin investors and founders of the crypto money exchange Gemini, last week, and purchased $ 200,000 worth of Bitcoin. Portnoy also invested 50 thousand dollars in Chainlink. The famous name also bought Orchid. Portnoy’s broadcast with the Winklevoss twins achieved 800,000 views on Twitter alone.

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The price of LINK increased from 17 dollars to 20 dollars after the investment of the famous name. Crypto money has withdrawn to $ 15 levels today. In addition, Orchid, which he announced a few days ago, has dropped 30 percent since then.


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