American Idol: Why Caleb Johnson Called His Winner’s Single Terrible


During the American Idol finale, the trio of remaining singers usually perform three songs before the audience gets a chance to vote for the winner. One of the songs performed always becomes the winner’s single. This is a melody written for the finalists. If they win the contest, it will be released as their first single. In an unexpected turn of events, the winner of the 13th season of American Idol, Caleb Johnson, told why he considers his winner’s single terrible.

After being recognized as the winner of the 13th season of American Idol, Caleb’s single “As Long As You Love Me” was released on May 21, 2014. However, American Idol viewers still didn’t know that he hated singing this song. He went so far as to criticize the single, as he considers it trashy and worse than mediocre.

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According to CNN, Caleb was actually arguing with the producers of American Idol, as he wanted them to change the tune. He was uncomfortable because he knew he would have to sing the song in the last episode ​​​​AI and record it. He stated, “If you won, you had to sing a song, and the song was full of shit, like, it was just the worst song ever.” Despite his best efforts, Caleb eventually recorded this song as his winner’s single, but stated that it sounds almost the same as the 2012 song released by someone from the South African version of the series.

Usually the winner’s single turns out to be a big success for Idol winners. However, Caleb’s single did not have as much success as other singles such as Kelly Clarkson’s “A Moment Like This” or Phillip Phillips’ “Home”. Despite this, AI graduate Caleb later released music after his participation in the show. His latest album, Mountain Mojo Vol. 1, was released on June 18, 2021. He hasn’t released any recordings since, but there could potentially be something in the works for the rock singer as he hasn’t announced a break or retirement from music.

Despite the fact that he won the competition, it seems that Caleb regrets his winner’s single. It just didn’t feel like his vibe, and with another song he felt he could have shown more. However, he didn’t let this hiccup from the show stop him from fulfilling his dream. Auditions for the next season of American Idol are already open, and if viewers want to have a chance to prove themselves and succeed in the music industry, they must audition to participate in the show. Whether vocalists do it to gain experience or to fulfill their dreams, they will never know what can happen if they don’t go for it.


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