American Horror Story: will have two seasons in 2021


A recent post shared by the official social media of screenwriter and producer Ryan Murphy has teased American Horror Story fans about what’s next.

The teaser released announces that the 10th season of the series will be known as Double Feature and also explains that there will be two stories presented in the next episodes, almost like two seasons in one. Thus, referring to the beach scene released in recent months, the video also confirms that one of the stories will take place at sea and another on the sand.

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So far, no official debut date has been announced for the 10th season of American Horror Story. However, due to the pace of filming, which fans are accompanied by Ryan Murphy’s Instagram, many speculate that the launch will still take place in 2021.

Recently, the series creator provided another behind-the-scenes photo, in which Leslie Grossman and Macaulay Culkin appeared featured.

AHS: know everything about what’s coming in season 10

Although there is little concrete information about the new episodes of American Horror Story, it is known that the cast of the 10th season of the anthological production will have, in addition to Grossman and Culkin, the participation of Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Billie Lourd, Adina Porter, Lily Rabe and Finn Wittrock.

Most of these names are already well known by fans, as throughout the other seasons they have been seen playing the most diverse characters.

Other tracks previously released by Murphy revealed intriguing photos related to the likely plot of the new season. In one, it was possible to see injured hands leaving the ocean and heading towards the coast. The poster launched with the series logo showed sharp teeth.

We can only wait for more news. The 10th season of American Horror Story will be shown on the FX channel.


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