American Horror Story shows Macaulay Culkin in crazy role


The Home Alone star returns to show business for the 10th season of Ryan Murphy’s series. Ryan Murphy’s anthology horror series American Horror Story will return to television in season 10, with the return of a well-known actor from the past. Macalay Culkin, an acting prodigy best known for becoming Kevin McCallister of Home Alone, had a stormy personal life that wasted his career. But he will be in front of the camera to play a character of real madness, as published on Eonline. Murphy himself has shared a snapshot on Instagram in which the actor can be seen with actress Leslie Grossman during the recording of the series.

In an interview with Eonline, the journalist asked Murphy, now linked to Netflix, how they had managed to get Culkin’s services. According to the creative, he will star in a crazy and erotic sex scene with the character of Kathy Bates. “You know, she joined in because of how I always do things [laughs]. I have always loved the work of Macaulay Culkin. He fascinates me with everything that he has done, the things that he did in Alone at Home ”. He also likes the newer things he has done, already as an adult. But he remembers that he hadn’t worked for a while.

This is how your hiring was conceived

“So I have a very crazy part. I asked to speak to him on the phone and he said okay, “Murphy commented in another interview, this time on The Hollywood Reporter. “When he casts the cast, I never let people read things.” He tells in a general way what the plot will be like and the type of character they will play. “I told him he has a crazy erotic and sexual scene with Kathy Bates,” although he does other things too. Always agreeing with Murphy, Culkin replied that he was born to play this role.

American Horror Story is an anthology, that is, each of the seasons tells a different story. Of course, from the beginning Ryan Murphy has surrounded himself with a very particular cast of actors, who repeat season after season.


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