American Horror Story, Season 11: Everything We Know


After more than a decade on the air, “American Horror Story” returns for its 11th season, and that’s all we know at the moment. The “American Horror Story” season of 2021, its 10th chapter, the “Double Film”, was divided into two parts: the first takes place in the sea, and the second in the desert. The first six episodes of Double Feature in Red Tide were about creative people in a seaside town taking mysterious black Chemist pills that gave them a side effect of vampire bloodlust. However, they would give talented users unrestrained inspiration for their crafts. In the last four episodes of Death Valley, aliens kidnap people and conclude a contract with US President Dwight Eisenhower, according to which aliens will be allowed to conduct experiments on thousands of Americans a year in exchange for technological advances.

Early fan theories about the marine theme of the 10th season of “American Horror Story” were refuted after the premiere of “Red Tide”, although “Death Valley” (unfortunately) did return aliens to the series. Interestingly, both rooms have already been the subject of separate seasons of “American Horror Story” in the past. Red Tide made its characters vampire-like bloodsuckers, creatures who were the heroes of “American Horror Story: Hotel.” AHS: “Death Valley” marked the return of aliens as the theme of the show after season 2, although season 10, unfortunately, had no direct relation to the Asylum.

Although the release of “American Horror Story” in 2021 was long-awaited, as actors such as Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson returned to it, the season as a whole disappointed fans. “Red Tide” has been praised by viewers for presenting its first five episodes with a compelling premise and conflict that recalls the show’s beloved early seasons. However, the disappointing story of Death Valley caused widespread hatred. In the hope that the series will be able to justify itself and really realize the potential of the entire season, which was demonstrated by “Red Tide”, expectations for the 11th season of “American Horror Story” are high. Here’s everything we know about season 11, including the release date, cast, and possible themes.

“American Horror Story” renewed for season 11

Although the negative reaction to the 10th season of “American Horror Story” in 2021 could cause problems for the future of the series, the 11th season was extended long before the premiere of “Red Tide” and “Death Valley”. The FX channel officially renewed “American Horror Story” for the 13th season back in January 2020, so after the 11th season there will be at least two more parts in the series. Considering how badly “Death Valley” was received, “American Horror Story” will have to work on getting back to what fans genuinely love. about the series, if it hopes to go beyond the 13th season. The anthological nature of the show opens up the possibility for longevity, which, as even Ryan Murphy teased, could last after 20 seasons. However, season 11 will have to prove that it’s moving in the right direction before that happens.

Forecasting the release date of the 11th season of AHS

The official release date of the 11th season of “American Horror Story” has not been announced, although the scheme of premieres of previous seasons gives several clues. The premiere of the first nine seasons of “American Horror Story” took place within a year after the release of the previous one: the premiere of the first five seasons took place in October, and the next four in September. The “double feature” was the first ever premiere of “American Horror Story” in 2021, partly due to production delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The 10th season of American Horror Story debuted in August 2021, almost two years after the premiere of AHS: 1984 in September 2019. If the production of the 11th season is not stopped, as it was with the “Double Film”, the next season of “American Horror Story” may debut sometime between August and October. 2022. Since the horror aspect of the series is more suitable for autumn debuts, it would be shocking if the premiere of the 11th season took place in October or before the end of August.

Actors of the 11th season of “American Horror Story”: which actors will return?

Unfortunately, it looks like Sarah Paulson won’t be returning for the 11th season of American Horror Story. Ahead of the “Red Tide” finale, Paulson revealed that she expected season 10 to be her last appearance. She still leaves the door open if Ryan Murphy approaches her with a particularly exciting character, but it’s doubtful she’ll show up in season 11. The participants are Leslie Grossman and Angelica Ross. Both played crucial roles in the films “Red Tide” and “Death Valley”, and their performances in the first received special praise.