American Horror Story season 10 officially postponed!


Sad news for all fans of American Horror Story! Season 10 with Evan Peters officially postponed!

What a disappointment for the big fans of American Horror Story! The rest of the series with Evan Peters is therefore postponed…

It’s a series that has been all the rage for a few years. The horror-gore genre of American Horror Story is attracting more and more.

So much that millions of viewers follow the series on Netflix. It must be said that the last season was great!

Fans loved the plot and the story. They therefore await the continuation with great impatience! But alas, they may wait a long time!

And for good reason ! American Horror Story has been greatly impacted by the health crisis. Eh yes ! The spread of the coronavirus was such that it was necessary to establish containment procedures.

No area has therefore been spared! Not even production companies! No! No exceptions! TV series therefore suffer.


So that’s why American Horror Story season 10 will be so far behind. Internet users will therefore have to wait to find Evan Peters in the series!

Because this year, there will be no broadcast. A great first! Since the program is broadcast every year in October for the Halloween period.

After this difficult period, nothing is ready yet! The year 2021 therefore promises the dissemination of the rest of the adventures. With characters played by Emma Roberts, Evan Peters. And even Sarah Paulson.

But another piece of news has just been added to that. It should therefore delight all fans of the series! Indeed, John Landgraf: the leader of the American chain FX therefore ordered a spin-off from Ryan Murphy.

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At the moment, there is no more information. But that should add pep to the series! Especially since the latter is a hit with his series like: Pose, Hollywood. Or The Politician or Glee.

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