American Horror Story 10×7: Double Feature Part 2 Wins Promo



American Horror Story: The second part of the 10th season of American Horror Story (AHS): Double Feature begins this Wednesday (29), after a controversial finale of the first part, “Red Tide”. The new story, which involves extraterrestrials, is titled “Death Valley” and will have only four episodes.

According to the synopsis of “Take Me To Your Leader”, the 10×7 episode of the FX channel series brings a group of high school students on a camping trip. During the tour, they are swept into a horrible and deadly conspiracy that has gone on for decades.

Check out the promo for the 10×7 episode of American Horror Story:

The preview of the beginning of the end of season 10 of AHS takes place in two chronological times, with a part in black and white, in the past, and another part in the present. The plot with aliens even involves the president of the United States and, of course, a lot of blood and scares!

What We Already Know About AHS – Death Valley

In addition to the plot involving a deadly US government conspiracy (as in Cult) with ET’s (as in Asylum), showrunner Ryan Murphy has already revealed the cast of the second part of AHS Double Feature.

The actors who have already had the characters revealed are: Sarah Paulson, who returns to Season 10 as Mamie Eisenhower; Lily Rabe, who after Doris Gardner, plays Amelia Earhart; Angelica Ross as Alien Hybrid; Neal McDonough will play Dwight D. Eisenhower (same surname as Sarah, indicating a connection); Craig Sheffer as President Richard Nixon; Rebecca Dayan as Maria; Alisha Soper as Marilyn Monroe and Kaia Gerber (from American Horror Stories) as young Kendall.

Also confirmed in the cast, but undisclosed, are Leslie Grossman (who played Ursula in the first part of Double Feature), Cody Fern, Isaac Powell, Nico Greetham and Rachel Hilson.

In Brazil, the episodes of the 10th season of American Horror Story Double Feature are not being shown on TV. But you can watch them on the Star+ streaming platform.

Is that you? Looking forward to the second part of the last season of AHS? What did you think of Red Tide? Let us know in the comments!


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