American Horror Stories: Spin-Off Wins First Teaser


American Horror Stories: Although season 10 of AHS has already been confirmed, the public is looking forward to the upcoming spin-off of the series.

American Horror Stories, had its first official teaser released recently and left fans waiting to know what’s to come. It’s only 10 seconds, but they cause an incredible atmosphere of suspense and horror – already characteristic of American Horror Story. Check out what is already known about the production!

Watch the teaser for American Horror Stories

The episodes of American Horror Stories will have an average duration of one hour and will tell independent stories, that is, each episode can be watched separately, without having to watch the other in sequence to understand the outcome.

Another famous series that uses this style is Black Mirror, in which the episodes are gathered in one season, but without necessarily being connected by the same story.

In addition, some cast information for American Horror Stories has also been released and includes familiar names such as Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters, as well as new actors such as Dyllón Brunside (Ricky of Pose), Kevin McHale (Artie of Glee) and many others.

American Horror Stories was released for July 15th and officially broadcast on Hulu. The spin-off is a spin-off from the acclaimed American Horror Story series that currently has 9 seasons – and the 10th is set to premiere on August 25th.

Fans of the series and the thriller and horror genres will have plenty of content to enjoy in the coming months!


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