American Horror Stories: Spin-Off Wins Chilling Teaser


American Horror Stories: Since it was announced, the American Horror Story spin-off series has been stirring fans’ imaginations. Thus, the official twitter of the original series released a new teaser recently to make the public even more anxious for what is to come.

Within seconds, an atmosphere of latent mystery takes over the video, bringing chilling sensations to viewers. Even though the footage provides some sort of interesting visuals, there’s still little detail about what the production episodes will feature.

However, it is interesting to note how the logo spelling is filled in with some specific symbols. Stories is written with a snake for the “S”, some skulls for the letter “E” and weapons of torture for the “R.”

Check out the full teaser below:

American Horror Stories will be distributed over a few weeks via streaming Hulu, in partnership with FX. With each new episode, a macabre story will be developed, with the participation of different characters. On July 15th, the premiere will feature the release of the first two episodes.

It’s worth noting that the spin-off will also serve as a thermometer for the arrival of American Horror Story: Double Feature, the 10th season of the original production, which will feature Macaulay Culkin and Leslie Grossman in the cast.

American Horror Stories: Learn about AHS’s chilling spin-off

According to the series’ Internet Movie Database (IMDb) page, the cast includes Dyllon Burnside, Charles Melton, Kaia Gerber, Nico Greetham, Kevin McHale, Stephane Nicole, Paris Jackson and Danny Trejo — each of whom is credited in just a single episode.

It is not clear how the stories will be presented, but previous information, released by Ryan Murphy, reported that they would have links with classic myths and legends.

A curiosity is that the actress Sarah Paulson, one of the fans’ favorite stars in the original series, directed one of the spin-off episodes. However, it has not been confirmed whether she will make any cameo appearances in the production.

Stay tuned for all the news!


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