American Horror Stories: Spin-off Win Teaser With Rubber Woman


American Horror Stories: Rubber Man (or Rubber Man), one of the iconic characters of American Horror Story, is the star of a new teaser for American Horror Stories — a series derived from the FX production whose episodes will last about an hour and will tell new and independent stories . In the video, Rubber Man meets the female version of him, the Rubber Woman, who gives some details about the new production.

The series’ spin-off debuts July 15 on FX and Hulu. Season 10 of the original AHS is scheduled to premiere in a few weeks, on August 25th.

In the short teaser, Rubber Woman explains to the Rubber Man, in a kind of laid-back behind-the-scenes video, that it’s part of AH Stories — but with “ies.” At one point, he offers the woman the knife saying she is “natural” in her role.

Stories, with “ies”

First announced last year, Stories will feature seven one-hour episodes that will delve into various myths and legends, possibly including some already mentioned in earlier seasons and drawing on other elements of the franchise.

The side work features many stars from the original plot, adding actors and actresses from other series, newcomers to the franchise, such as Kevin McHale from Glee, Dyllón Burnside from Pose, Charles Melton from Riverdale and Nico Greetham from The Prom.

It was recently announced that Amy Grabow will play Tipper Gore and Danny Trejo will play Santa Claus. Sarah Paulson is expected to direct one of the spin-off episodes.

Not to be confused: American Horror Stories will debut on FX in July. American Horror Story: Double Feature, the series’ 10th season, will begin as soon as the spin-off ends. The date of the final episode of Double Feature must coincide with Halloween.


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