American Horror Stories, Season 2, Episode 3, Cast and Character Guide


WARNING! There are spoilers ahead for the third episode of the second season of American Horror Stories.

The actors and characters of Season 2 episode 3 of American Horror Stories have familiar faces from AHS. “Drive” is the first episode of the second season of the series “American Horror Stories”, in which a major actor recurring in the series “American Horror Story” does not return. Season 2, episode 3 also returns mostly to a younger cast, which produced conflicting results for the first season of the American Horror Story spin-off.

“Drive” tells the story of a girl from the Marcy club, who continues to enjoy the nightlife, despite the warnings of men and women disappearing from nightclubs all over the city. Marcie’s husband Chaz, with whom she is apparently in an open marriage, and her friend Piper fear for her safety, especially when a red Jeep Wrangler follows her house and crashes into her car one night. However, Marcie’s life is turned upside down when she finally runs into a Jeep driver, Paul, in episode 3 of season 2 of American Horror Stories, ending in a bloody and shocking twist.

“Drive” of the 2nd season is also the first of the new releases, in which the outstanding actor from the 1st season of “American Horror Stories” with Nico Gritam returns. In addition, with such a big name as Bella Thorne, the host of the episode of the second season of “American Horror Stories”, it is quite possible that viewers will see her return to the AHS universe in the future. Here is a breakdown of the actors and characters of the second season of “American Horror Stories”, the third episode.

Actors and characters of the series “American Horror Stories”

Bella Thorne as Marcie: A club girl who keeps picking up guys despite warnings about disappearances, which worries her husband. Bella Thorne first became famous in the show Shake It Up on the Disney channel, followed by her roles in the films “Sworn Enemies”, “Simpleton”, “Scream: TV Series”, “Nanny” and “Paradise City”.

Niko Gritham as Paul Vinovsky: the owner of a red Jeep who follows Marcie, who works in a culinary store. Gritham is best known for appearing in the 4th episode of the 1st season of the TV series “American Horror Stories”, “American Horror Story: Death Valley”, “Love, Victor” and “Power Rangers: Ninja Steel”.

Anthony de la Torre as Chaz: Marcie’s husband, with whom she seems to have an open marriage. Anthony de la Torre is known for his role as young Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales and Jan Axel Blomberg in Lords of Chaos.

Stevanna Jackson, also known as Billy Bodega, as Piper: Marcie’s best friend, who warns her about the disappearance of clubbers in the city. Billie Bodega is better known for her music career with songs like “Numb” and “Ocean Blues”, but Jackson (niece of singer Michael Jackson) has also appeared in Zoey 101 and The Tracy Morgan Show.

Austin Woods as Vyatt: the guy from the club that Marcy meets in the opening scene of the 2nd episode of the 3rd season of “American Horror Stories”. Woods previously appeared in “American Horror Story: Red Tide” as a businessman and in “Animal Kingdom” as an Alligator.


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