American Horror Stories Season 2 Episode 2 Cast and Characters


WARNING! There are small spoilers ahead for the second episode of the second season of American Horror Stories.

The actors and characters of the second season of the series “American Horror Stories” bring back several familiar AHS stars. “Aura” will continue the “American Horror Stories” trend of mixing new actors with returning “American Horror Story” stars, each portraying a character from a different horror story in each episode. After the shocking finale of the 1st episode of the 2nd season of “American Horror Stories”, the actors of “Aura” show a more frightening game.

“Aura” from American Horror Stories follows married couple Jaslyn and Bryce after they move into a new home, but soon the couple is terrorized by a sinister figure. As soon as Jaslyn buys the Aura device, which is a Ring product for home security, a terrifying figure personally taunts her on camera. However, the image of a creepy character from “American Horror Stories” can only be conveyed through an Aura, which leads to an eerily supernatural twist.

Like Denis O’Hara’s debut in the spin-off of the second season of the American Horror Stories series Dollhouse, two famous actors of American Horror Story — Gabourey Sidibe and Max Greenfield – appear for the first time in the second episode of Aura. In addition, the cast of “Aura” adds several new faces to the universe of “American Horror Story.” Here is a breakdown of season 2, episode 2 and the characters of the series “American Horror Stories”.

Actors and characters of “American Horror Stories” “Aura”

Gabourey Sidibe as Jaslyn: a jewelry manufacturer and Bryce’s wife who was traumatized as a child due to a home invasion. Although she is perhaps best known for her starring role in the Oscar-nominated film Jewel or Becky from Empire, Sidibe is very dear in the eyes of the AHS actors for her outstanding characters in the franchise. Sidibe memorably played Queenie in AHS: Coven, followed by Regina Ross in AHS: Freak Show , and later reprised her role as Queenie in AHS: Hotel and AHS: Apocalypse .

Max Greenfield as Bryce: Jaslyn’s husband. Greenfield is best known for the roles of Schmidt in “The New Girl”, Dave in “The Neighborhood” and Leo in “Veronica Mars”. The actor is also known for his collaborations with Ryan Murphy, including the role of Gabriel in “American Horror Story: Hotel” and Ronnie in “The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story”.

Joel Svetou as Dale Hendrix: A frightening man who taunts Jaslyn through an Aura camera at her front door. The episode of the 2nd season of “American Horror Stories” “Aura” marks Svetou’s acquaintance with the AHS universe, and the actor is better known for his roles in “Charmed”, “Kidding”, “Rent” and “The Grinch” 2018.

Vince Yap as Hwang: Jaslyn and Bryce’s closest neighbor. “American Horror Stories” is Yap’s third appearance on television after “Play Hits” and “Lonely and Horny.”

Freddie Basnight as Officer #1: One of the cops who answers Jaslyn’s first call about a home invasion. In the roles of Basnight before the episode “Aura” of the second season of American Horror Stories, Riley Parra, Zane at Twilight and various short films.

Greg Cohen as Officer no. 2: the second officer who patronizes Jaslyn because of her seemingly non-existent intruder in the house. Cohen’s other acting credits include “Accessible Space” and “Victory Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty.”

Sam Bixby as Aura Reviewer: Aura reviewer who makes a video about the device being able to show ghosts. Before the 2nd season of American Horror Stories, Bixby could be seen in the films “My Missing Sister”, “Mate Mate” and in many short films such as “Remedy”.

Nancy Linehan Charles as Miss Hendricks: The sister of Jaslyn’s old janitor, Dale Hendricks. Charles is best known for his roles as Peg in Young Sheldon, Elspeth in Avenue 43, Lois in Huff, and Dr. Bowman in Rob Zombie’s 3 from Hell.

Lily Roren as Mary Jean Burkett: A girl from Aura who talks about Grace Park and asks Jaslyn to let her inside. “American Horror Stories”, season 2, episode 2 “Aura” is Roren’s first television role, although the actress starred in several short films and the movie “Last Night”.

Kimberly Jackson as Young Jaslyn: a young version of Jaslyn who survives a home invasion. Jackson’s only other acting credit is in “The Killer with the Birthmark.”

Asha Nwaki as Jaslyn from High School: A teenage version of Jaslyn from the episode “American Horror Stories”, who receives letters from Mr. Hendrix. Nwaki also appeared in the 2021 film Back in Time.


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