American Gods season 3: see how the series premiered


Last Sunday (10), the American Gods series returned for its 3rd season on Starz. The production, which is based on the work of the same name by Neil Gaiman, promises to add great news to the plot over the next episodes, especially because they will address the infamous Lakeside location, considered by many to be one of the most memorable and engaging parts of the original novel.

Check out all the details of the debut episode in this recap!

American Gods season 3: a city comes alive

In the first few minutes of this season’s debut episode, we see that Shadow (Ricky Whittle) apparently reversed the decision he had made and communicated to Mr. Wednesday (Ian McShane) earlier.

He is now starting a new life in Lakeside, where he got a good job. Shadow is happy, having let his hair and beard grow. With so many changes, his personality also seems to bring up things that have not yet been shown. And in this new city, Shadow will be able to reflect better on everything that has gone on so far.

American Gods season 3 will find a protagonist taking control of his life with all the new information he’s been trying to process. It is a lot to be absorbed, however, this change of scenery allows everything to be digested little by little. Neil Gaiman himself, in recent interviews, stated that he believed this would be the best moment of the series.

In addition to Shadow, Mr. Wednesday has also changed since the last time he was seen. Now, he wears more casual clothes. A slightly less severe and austere look. However, it is very likely that great tensions will be seen soon, as he needs Shadow to accomplish a very important task.

Learn more about the American Gods season 3 premiere
According to some ideas launched in this premiere, Bilquis (Yetide Badaki), the goddess of love, and Technical Boy (Bruce Langley), the personification of the internet, will have a big arc this season, as they start to get closer, more and more, in very important thoughts and ideas. Once they understand each other even better, it will not be so easy to blindly follow their leaders.


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