American Gods: Neil Gaiman talks about his third season


In a recent interview with Screen Rant, Neil Gaiman, author of the novel on which the American Gods series is based, spoke about what his expectations are for the third season. The production returns on January 10 by Starz, continuing with the electrifying plot of Shadow Moon (Ricky Whittle).

Gaiman, who serves as executive producer and script supervisor for the series, said he had been looking forward to the third season of American Gods since they started work in 2017. The rationale is around certain events involving Lakeside and Whittle’s character.

“He went through a lot during the first few seasons. He’s also being someone else, a man named Mike Ainsel, ”he said.

“What I like most is to feel how the series delivers conflicts. Indeed, [Lakeside] looks like a small city in America that is welcoming in every way, but that can also be dangerous and full of secrets ”, he explained when asked about the city being very detached from the initial experiences of the series protagonist.


Neil Gaiman talked about some American Gods characters

According to Gaiman, Laura Moon is one of his favorite characters. He praised the work of Emily Browning, who plays her. “One of the things we wanted to do with Laura was to kill her, right from the start,” said the writer, explaining that this would be a way to strengthen her.

“We would follow Laura Moon into her life after death,” he said. Gaiman also said that this would happen in the first season, but it did not fit in the character’s plot. “This time it will not stop where it thought it could go,” he added on the subject.

“We can see Laura’s struggle. We can see what formed it. How did she become that person? Why is she so mad? And why is she so negative? “Asked Gaiman, during the conversation.

It seems that Laura’s journey will be very important in the development of the third season of the series. “Can she move on from there? Can she have a mission? We did it, she does it and this is wonderful ”, he added, celebrating the creative solutions found about what is coming.

American Gods season 3 premieres January 10 on Starz.


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