American Gods: drama canceled in Starz


Recently, the Starz channel announced that the American Gods series has been canceled. The production ended the airing of its 3rd season on March 21 and there will be no new episodes ordered on the channel.

Created by Bryan Fuller and Michael Green, based on the eponymous novel by Neil Gaiman, the end of the series brought to light quite impressive conflicts that, unfortunately, will not be concluded.

However, according to the findings of the international media, the broadcaster is considering making a film to end the story satisfactorily. However, no concrete information on the matter has been made official by Starz.

“American Gods is not coming back for a fourth season. Everyone at Starz is extremely grateful to the entire dedicated cast and crew,” Starz executives said in an official statement released on Monday night (29).

Coronavirus pandemic may have disrupted season 4 of American Gods

According to the press release, the channel feared that the coronavirus pandemic could further disrupt the production of new episodes. In addition, creative disagreements, low audience numbers and the departure of actor Orlando Jones may also have motivated the final decision by Starz.

In fact, there was great controversy surrounding the participation of Jones, who would have been dismissed after a misinterpretation by Charles H. Eglee, season 3 showrunner, about the figure of his character.

It is worth remembering that American Gods was a highly anticipated project by fans of the book and was originally being produced for HBO in 2011. After conflicts behind the scenes involving Bryan Fuller and Michael Green, the scripts were in charge of Jesse Alexander.

In Brazil, the three seasons of the series can be watched on Amazon Prime Video.


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