American Gods 3×3: Shadow handles Allison investigation


American Gods season 3 brought us new gods to explore the past. In this new episode, we delve into the doubts of Demeter, Wednesday’s wife. Right in the opening scene, we see Demeter helping a woman in Pennsylvania around the same time she got married!

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More details of the 3×3 episode of American Gods

Demeter surprises Wednesday by revealing that she wants a break. After all, she would never have imagined that a goddess would like not to be revered, even for a short time. In fact, her entire mission is to help the gods find her place in the modern world so that humans can worship them again!

However, there are consequences for those who actually act like deities. For example, Bilquis swallows a whole man and, right after that, he already feels extremely sick. In fact, she hasn’t fully recovered from it until now!

Meanwhile, Shadow arrives at Bilquis’ apartment and finds Tech Boy, instead of the goddess he expected. Initially, he was confused, as he was responding to Bilquis’s call. That is, she could have given a little more information before he simply found Tech Boy with real carnage behind him.

Before that, it is worth mentioning that Shadow may have manipulated the investigations in the search for Allison. Before going to the apartment, he changes the headline in the newspaper to indicate that a bloody scarf has been found. However, it seems that it is not in this episode that his motives will be revealed.

In another core of the episode, Laura finally broke free from the mortal world and went to purgatory. That was one of the most interesting scenes in this episode of American Gods. After all, the mystical environment is always portrayed in different ways and it was great to see what the series sees in the place that lies between the mortal and the afterlife.

According to the series, the reason Laura is in purgatory is her mistaken view of all her traumas. That’s because she was never able to accept that some things were out of her control. In other words, for her, all her traumas were essentially her fault. It is only when she has this epiphany that she is removed from purgatory and, so far, we do not know if she will return.

Do you think Shadow will be the prime suspect in Allison’s disappearance when he returns to Lakeside? And what does the future hold for Wednesday, Demeter and the other deities? Tell us your thoughts about American Gods season 3 in the comments!


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