American Gods 3×08: Laura tries to negotiate with an elf



This week’s episode of American Gods introduces a new elf, Liam Doyle, played by Iwan Rheon. However, the heart of the episode is in Salim. It takes up to half the episode to accept Kai’s offer and has an intense experience.

Check out the full recap below.

More details of the 8×5 episode of American Gods

A prologue in 1951 kicks off, showing the Grand Peacock Inn, a humble place where a man suspected of conspiring to commit sodomy is hidden from the police by the owner. The alleged sodomizer is Tu’er Shen, the Chinese rabbit god, who reciprocates the gesture by transforming the hotel into an uncontrolled haven for sexual adventures and a temple.

Nowadays, Laura arrives with Salim in place. Far from the degraded state of before, it is now full of color and exuberance, which is a problem for Salim, given his current state of mind, especially when he immediately clings to the handsome suitcase carrier, Kai. While Laura leaves to find Liam Doyle, she leaves him struggling with his inner demons and a vibrant heart-shaped bed. Salim needs to call Kai to help him turn it off. At that moment, the porter invites you to an adventure of pansexual love. Salim reluctantly appears.

Laura negotiates with Doyle

Laura, in turn, approaches Doyle, who explains that he lost his luck by refusing to kill Wednesday, which led to Mad Sweeney being hired for the task. However, Laura needs it to access Sweeney’s treasure, which is against the Hibernian Code at best, but especially when retrieving a weapon. However, with the help of Sweeney’s lucky coin and a guarantee that she does not intend to use the weapon for violence, he agrees and disappears.


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