American Finance Bulletin Writer Thinks Cryptocurrency Market May Face Huge Selling Pressure By The End Of The Year!


Sharing the rise and fall expectations in the crypto money market, the author of the finance newsletter stated that there may be selling pressure in Bitcoin after the rises that can be recorded until the end of the year.

In a recent interview, American financial journal writer Harry Dent Jr said that he expects “a serious rise and a serious fall” in the cryptocurrency market at the same time.

Dent: More Important Than the Internet

Financial newsletter writer Harry Dent Jr. has said that cryptocurrencies are the “next big thing”, comparing crypto assets to the first internet stocks.

While Dent said that cryptocurrencies are the financial assets most likely to see an imminent collapse, he added that he is optimistic about these assets. Expressing that cryptocurrencies are more important than the internet, Dent said that digital assets will be a big trend:

“I think cryptocurrencies are at the very beginning of the road. The digitization of financial assets is, in my opinion, a big trend. I think cryptocurrencies are something more important than the internet. Because money and financial values are at stake here.”

Dent: There Might Be Year-End Sale Pressure

Dent also gave the following words for investors who have Bitcoin in their portfolios:

“If you have Bitcoin, you can obviously hold it until the end of the year. ATHs recorded by the end of the year may create selling pressure. Buying pressure after a possible drop… Selling cryptocurrencies at peak prices and repurchasing them at the bottom may be the fastest way to make a fortune in history.”


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