“American dating is like…” — Henry Cavill, Who Dated Actress Kaley Cuoco, Draws Subtle Conclusions About Dating Styles in the United States.


There are many reasons why Henry Cavill is everyone’s favorite. And his brilliant performances over the years in such shows as “The Witcher”, “Man of Steel” and “Man of A.N.K.L.” are only a small part of this. The actor started his career with Laguna and is now one of the most sought-after actors in Hollywood. Two of the largest cinematic universes in history claim his role. Not to mention the fact that he has been in line for the role of the iconic secret agent James Bond since 2005, and it’s safe to say that his turn has finally come.

In addition to the major film franchises in which he participated, Cavill is known for his personality. Being a fanatic of video games and a fan of comics, the actor definitely won our hearts. In addition, he is very eloquent and modest, which definitely plays in his favor. And his views on dating in a 2015 interview will give you more information about what kind of person he is.

Henry Cavill rejects the “American way of dating”

If the noise of many hearts breaking in 2021 has not reached your home, then we would like to inform you that Henry Cavill is not alone. The British actor is happily in love with Natalie Viscuso. And the couple showed off their romance in a honey Instagram post. The Superman actor gave an interview to Men’s Fitness in 2015, when he was thirty-two years old. When asked about dating, the actor said, “American dating is like carpet bombing.”

He continued: “You’re dating 16 women at the same time, in the end one of them has to stand out from the crowd? I can’t do that.”

The actor has repeatedly expressed dislike for the playboy lifestyle. Considering he was the “perfect Edward” for Stephanie Major, he’s more of a romantic guy.

“I want to find a wife and start a family. I prefer the British way: talk and see what happens, one at a time,” Cavill said. This ideology definitely explains why we don’t see the British actor at the center of many relationship scandals. He also likes to keep his personal life a secret and only occasionally shares photos of cute couples on Instagram.

What do you think of Henry Cavill’s thoughts?


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