Amel Bent very proud of her first 100% fashion shoot!


Singer Amel Bent proudly shares her very first 100% fashion shoot! We give you more details. Amel Bent is very proud of her very first 100% fashion shoot!

And it was Apollo magazine that made the young singer happy. Indeed, the magazine devoted 3 double-page to Amel Bent.

The pretty brunette has therefore shared her photos with her fans on social networks. On Instagram, she confides that she is very proud of her 100% fashion shoot!

She also publishes a long message to her fans explaining why she is so proud of this shoot. Indeed, Amel Bent admits that she has always had a hard time accepting her body.

Her fans were there to show him their support. Her Instagram post even garners over 18,000 likes in just a few hours.


16 years after her first song Ma Philosophie, Amel Bent seems to have kept the same state of mind. So it only has one philosophy, to be accepted as it is.

Today her heart-warming forms, she showcases them in front of Laurent Clement’s lens for Apollo Magazine. On Instagram, the young woman opens her heart and confides to her followers that she too has her complexes.

“I think back to all those years of unease, of crying fits in the changing rooms. »Writes Amel Bent. She also remembers the teasing in the playground and all the times when she did everything to hide her forms.

“Yes I hated every part of my body and resented the world for sending this distorted image of me back to me. »Says the young mother of two little girls on her Instagram post. “I am writing this message for all the young girls who don’t feel beautiful enough for this world. »She adds.

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In fact, she wants to tell them that it is not them that is the problem but the world in which we live. “It’s this world that doesn’t see your beauty, at least not yet! »She concludes.


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